🌁 Never ending improvements

Two new articles, featuring Web Components and more Eleventy.

I looked up the story of painting Golden Gate Bridge, the one where people say it's a never ending task due to the how big it is and how much the weather corrodes it… turns out that's a myth. Somewhat annoyed about that, however I still think the idea behind it is meaningful and applies to web development really well.

I got some feedback on the useability of my site which I was really appreciative of. Right after that though I started seeing all the holes in my site, decending me into a pit of "oh god can I even web develop!??".

In typical fashion I meme'd about it on Twitter.

I need to keep hold of the idea that I'm always on a trajectory of improvement, I'm better than I was yesterday and tomorrow I'll be better again. Even moreso when it comes to websites, getting my work out there is the most valuable part. Nobody travels over the Golden Gate Bridge and goes "I wish it was more red".

Anywho, two new articles went up on my blog last week. First is a collaboration with my work at Nordhealth on our Design System. It's a deep dive into how I made tab Web Components, talking about some of the challenges faced and some design details:

Building tabs in Web Components
Part of my role at Nordhealth is to design, develop and expand upon our ever increasing roster of Web Components within the Nord Design System. One of my most recent contributions is arguably one component, but actually comprises of three Web Components. We’re talking about tabs.

The second was a very short post saying we should add the generator meta tag to our Eleventy sites. This one went kinda viral last week on Twitter and Zach himself from the Eleventy core team chimed in with a YouTube video to highlight some of the reasoning as to why it's not on by default, but also why you might want to add it. I've updated the article to include the video:

You should add a generator tag to your Eleventy site
Hear me out on this one, I’ve got a short but sensible list as to why.

Hope you have a good week folks ✌🏻